Compressive strength characteristic of fly ash light concrete mixture using artificial light weight aggregate (ALWA)

Laia, Yuliman and Hutabarat, Lolom Evalita and Tampubolon, Sudarno P (2023) Compressive strength characteristic of fly ash light concrete mixture using artificial light weight aggregate (ALWA). AIP Conderence Proceedings, 2689 (1). 040006-1-040006-8.

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Lightweight concrete consists of silica sand, lime, cement, water, plus other additives where the specific gravity is below 1800 kg/cm3. Lightweight concrete is often found on the walls or roofs of houses and buildings without or with reinforcement because it is easy to mould and cut during installation and has fast ageing concrete. The specific gravity of lightweight concrete, in general, will be inversely proportional to its compressive strength. The lighter one is the concrete, and the lower one is the compressive strength. Artificial Light Weight Aggregate (ALWA) as a substitute for coarse aggregate will undoubtedly reduce the specific gravity of concrete. At the same time, the use of fly ash is expected to increase the compressive strength of lightweight concrete. The purpose of this study is to determine the optimum compressive strength of fly as a light concrete mixture using coarse aggregate ALWA with a percentage of 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%, compared to standard concrete with fly ash mixture of 12.5%. Three cube-shaped samples were prepared for each percentage of the ALWA mixture tested for compressive strength at 14 days, 21 days and 28 days, with a total of 63 samples. The test results show a decrease in compressive strength of up to 20.9% (from 19.85 MPa to 15.7 MPa) in 12.5% fly ash mixed concrete using ALWA coarse aggregate about 7.8% at 28 days of concrete age testing. Then, with the addition of ALWA coarse aggregate more significant than 7.8%, the compressive strength of the concrete will increase until it reaches 19.85 MPa in the range of 16% addition of ALWA. However, the specific gravity of fly ash mixed concrete will be reduced by 2.8% with 16% ALWA coarse aggregate. It can be seen that the addition of 16% of ALWA coarse aggregate in fly ash mixed concrete can optimally reduce the specific gravity of the concrete without reducing the compressive strength of standard concrete.

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