Description of the Difficulties of Mathematics Education Students in Complex Analysis Course

Lumbantoruan, Jitu Halomoan and Manalu, Risma Uly (2022) Description of the Difficulties of Mathematics Education Students in Complex Analysis Course. Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, 11 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2776 3641

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This study is to determine the location of the difficulty of complex variable courses. Complex variable courses require a strong understanding, high concentration, good learning readiness, reasoning power and higher order logic in understanding direct objects. The direct objects referred to are Facts, Concepts, Skills, and Principles. In addition to direct objects in obtaining maximum results, indirect objects are needed. Indirect objects that are meant are tools used in the form of media, support and encouragement from others in obtaining good results. The results of the mid-semester grades for the 2014/2015 academic year were about 13% of students who got good grades and the rest were not good. In fact, this complex variable course is the main course of several courses. Another fact is that in the 2019/2020 semester VII, there are 35% in the poor category and 50% sufficient and the rest are good and very good. From 35% of students with poor learning outcomes took remedial, 1 person graduated with sufficient marks, while the rest did not pass. The specific objectives of the research are 1) to determine the mastery in complex variable courses, 2) the location of the difficulty and difficulty factors of complex variables, 3) to know the mastery and difficulty of indirect objects. This type of research approach is descriptive qualitative. Research wants to describe and describe how the actual event. The research was conducted in the Complex Variable Analysis course, Semester VII, implementation October-January and a total of 12 subjects. Techniques for obtaining data from observations, interviews and documentation. The analysis technique, presenting data, reducing and drawing conclusions. Conclusion,The difficulty of students lies in the facts and concepts that exist in the direct object. In the interview session, 71.42% said that the difficulty factor was the mastery of facts and concepts. In online implementation, students experience percentage difficulties when writing symbols and operating the media used. This is a new problem for mathematics students in achieving good learning outcomes with objective assessment standards. Keywords: difficulty description; complex variable; complex analysis course.

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