Keterpautan Kepentingan Mahasiswa dan Dosen dalam Pembelajaran Melalui Media Digital

Siahaan, Chontina (2020) Keterpautan Kepentingan Mahasiswa dan Dosen dalam Pembelajaran Melalui Media Digital. In: Bunga Rampai Karya Ilmiah Dosen “Digitalisasi dan Internasionalisasi Menuju APT Unggul dan UKI Hebat” Dies Natalis ke 67 Universitas Kristen Indonesia. UKI Press, Jakarta.

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The purpose of this research is to get an idea of whether in online learning there is a linkage of interests between students and lecturers in the teaching learning process according to the Lecture Contract and Semester Learning Plan (RPS) that has been submitted by the lecturer at the UKI FISIPOL Communication Study Program. Learning through online media requires good collaboration between lecturers and students starting from college preparation, reading literature, doing independent and group assignments, using learning facilities including the availability of quotas, and activities carried out during online learning so that Learning Outcomes (CPL) can be reached. The problem in this research is whether there is a linkage of interest between lecturers and students in online learning? The theory used is the theory of CMC (Computer Mediated Communication). The research method is descriptive qualitative which describes and describes how the interests of students and lecturers are linked in online learning. The informants in this study were students of the UKI Social and Political Sciences Communication Program. Data was collected through indepth interviews by telephone and through the Teams application. Data were analyzed using interactive analysis from Miles & Huberman. The results showed that the interrelationship of interests between students and lecturers was in terms of: doing study preparation, using digital devices, doing independent and group assignments, but there was almost no linkage between the interests of lecturers and students in reading literature because only a small proportion of students read books. Literature before college and when studying online, almost all students do other activities while learning so they don't listen to all teaching and learning activities. Suggestions need recommendations for making a learning system that can reach and see all students when studying online. Keywords: interest linkage, learning, on-line media

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