Digitalisasi UKI Hebat Bersama Prodi Pendidikan Kimia Dalam Rangka Membangun Karakter Ecological Citizenship

Simanjuntak, Familia Novita (2020) Digitalisasi UKI Hebat Bersama Prodi Pendidikan Kimia Dalam Rangka Membangun Karakter Ecological Citizenship. In: Bunga Rampai Karya Ilmiah Dosen “Digitalisasi dan Internasionalisasi Menuju APT Unggul dan UKI Hebat” Dies Natalis ke 67 Universitas Kristen Indonesia. UKI Press, Jakarta, pp. 149-162.

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The population pyramid of Indonesia in 2017 states that Indonesia is entering the era for a demographic bonus, which means the dominance of the population for the productive age group (15-65 y.o) reached 265,000,000 people. This dominance states that the carrying capacity of Indonesia is dominated by the productive age group, which requires a greater energy intake. The demographic bonus drives Indonesia to choose two conditions between the continuous depletion of carrying capacity or the sustainability of carrying capacity to fulfill the needs of current up to the next generation. Therefore, Indonesia needs to synergize the roles of all parties, one of which is the Chemistry Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Christian University of Indonesia. This article aims to study, based on the literature review, on the digitization of UKIHebat collaborate with Chemistry Education Study Program to develop the character of ecological citizenship in Indonesia. Digitization could mean borderless, meaning that the role of the Chemistry Education Study Program in carrying out the digitization of UKIHebat in Tri Dharma will exceed the boundaries, so that it can have the widest possible impact, especially impacts related to chemical literacy. If the impact of chemical literacy is focused on developing the character of ecological citizenship, then slowly but sure, it will encourage Indonesia to the choice of the sustainability of carrying capacity. The conclusion of the article describes the aspects of sustainability that can be achieved by the character of ecological citizenship based on chemical literacy through digitizing UKIHebat collaborate with the Chemistry Education Study Program. Keywords: UKIHebat digitization, ecological citizenship, chemistry

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