Analisis Terjemahan “Tobe” Dalam Kalimat Pasif Bahasa Inggris Ke Bahasa Indonesia: Grammar In Translation

Tambunsaribu, Gunawan (2020) Analisis Terjemahan “Tobe” Dalam Kalimat Pasif Bahasa Inggris Ke Bahasa Indonesia: Grammar In Translation. In: Bunga Rampai Karya Ilmiah Dosen “Digitalisasi dan Internasionalisasi Menuju APT Unggul dan UKI Hebat” Dies Natalis ke 67 Universitas Kristen Indonesia. UKI Press, Jakarta, pp. 292-306.

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In translating English “to be” into Bahasa Indonesia requires precision and must be adjusted to the subject of a sentence and also related to the tense of the action. The goals of this study are 1) to know the types of errors found out in the translation of passive sentences of English into Bahasa Indonesia made by the students; 2) to find out the translation strategies used by students who made some erros in the translation of English “to be” in English passive sentences into Bahasa Indonesia, and 3) to find out the impacts of translation error toward the language function. The research uses a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The respondents of this research are thirty (30) students who have studied translation course in the first semester at Gunadarma University. This research found out that as many as 20% of the students/respondents used modulation strategy, i.e passive sentence changes to active. The strategies they have used cause errors in their translation results. The errors occurred because the translators, who are the native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia, do not understand well the function of English "to be" which is followed directly by verb-III form. The impact of the syntax error, Global Error (significant communication disorder), can cause the messages contained in the SLT (Source Language Text) are not conveyed successfully into the TLT (Target Language Text). Thus, the readers of the TLT will get the wrong information. Keywords: English “tobe”, translation strategies, translation errors, English passive sentences

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