Penerjemahan Persona Insan Bahasa Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia

Galingging, Yusniaty (2016) Penerjemahan Persona Insan Bahasa Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia. Dialektika, 7. ISSN 2338 2635

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Translation is the act of transfering meaning from the source language into a target language. Personal pronoun is the part of communication which plays the most important role especially in conversation. Every language in this world must have this part of speech and each of it devides differently in different languages.This was the reason of the writer to conduct this research as to discover the fact of translating the personal pronoun from English into Indonesian. This writing shows that the English personal pronoun can completely be translated into Indonesian, eventhough both language have their own characteristics. This happen because it is not the form which is be translated but the meaning. The writer found that the personal pronoun could be translated into personal pronoun itself such as I become kau; we become mereka; you become kita; they become kita, and personal pronoun could be trasnlated into non-personal pronoun, such as personal pronoun into kinship term, zero translation, people profession, proper name and ephitet.

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