Krisi Pengunsi Eropa 2014-2015

Herindrasti, VL Sinta Krisi Pengunsi Eropa 2014-2015. (Unpublished)

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conflict and war in some parts of Middle East especially Syria have created the biggest wave of refugees to the continent of Europe through the frontline countries like Greek and Italy. During the year of 2014-2015 the UNHCR notes that there are 630.000 refugees entering Europe (that amount does not include the many who crossed a border undetected) and around 2600 become the victims of the hard journey especially those who went through the Mediteranian Sea. The phenomenon of immigration and refugees basically are raising some important question for the International Relations students, among other things are why those people decide to go to Europe? Why they did not go to the Arab states or Mediterranian states? How the European states response to these thousands of people who flocked in the same time without any sufficient materials to support their lives, like foods, clothes, even formal documents? What are the short, middle and long range actions taken by the European Union? Does EU has a solid commitment to solve this giant problems since the coming of immigrants with their specific situation culturally, economically, psychologically – that need really urgent support --will bring the impacts to the local people in their various aspects of life? How is individual state within European Union reacts to the refugee problem? This paper will focus on how the European Union as supra national institution of 28 member countries try to find solutions to the refugees problems as an impact of the unpredictable conflict and war especially in Syria and how the international actors in the world showing the sympathy and their helping hand through the real actions.

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