Peranan Firman Allah dalam Pelayanan Konseling Pastoral yang Holistik

Intarti, Esther Rela (2018) Peranan Firman Allah dalam Pelayanan Konseling Pastoral yang Holistik. REGULA FIDEI : Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Kristen, 3 (2). pp. 93-108. ISSN 2620 9926

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The meaning of a general counseling is a reciprocal relationship carried out by the counselor to provide the opportunity for the counselee to explore their feelings, discover what problems they faces and explore the counselee's own potential and find the ways to overcome problems bocome a more comfortable and satisfying life. The role of the God’s word in a holistic pastoral counseling service places the God’s word to become the foundation and provide direction and achievement of counseling by looking thoroughly at all aspects of the counselee. It can also be said that the word of God can be an absolute standard of truth. The God’s word in the pastoral counseling process can give enlightenment to the meaning of life and wisdom to the problems faced to obtain a solution. The role of the God’s word does not just stop as the giver of light, but the God’s word is also able to provide a measure of the highest values or norms. The role of the God’s word is a central in resolving or living the life problems of the counselee as a believer because the God’s word is a source that gives us power, strength, willingness and wisdom in helping, entertaining, and strengthening those who are helpless. For counselees, the God’s word can be awaken them from their sins and mistakes which ultimately change their hearts and characters towards a better life change Keywords: Pastroal Counseling, Holistic Ministry

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