Imunotaerapi Pada Cacar Air

Sinaga, Dameria (2014) Imunotaerapi Pada Cacar Air. In: Seminar Karya Ilmiah Dosen UKI dalam Rangka Dies Natalis Universitas Kristen Indonesia Ke-60. Universitas Kristen Indonesia. ISBN 978 602 14793 1 5

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Variclla is one skin disease, commonly know as chickenpox. Variclla occours throughout the world and is transmitted mainly by droplet infection from nasopharyng. It is an infection with the varicella zoster virus which characterized by a vesicular eruption. The acute varicella is very contagious and the primary infection often happened at children age.Varicella is the primary infection with H. varicellae where as herpes zoster is the result reaction of residual latent infections. Varicella primary infection begins in nasopharings after local replication, viremia seed the reticuloendothelial tissue. Secondary-viremia cause dissemination to the skin and viscera. Varicella-zooster virus then enters a latent phase in the posterior ganglia.Varicella disease is digned with prodromal symptoms and polimorf at the skin. Varicella complication ,are high on adults and is extremely young children. The major complication are pneumonia, encephalitis and hepatitis. This written methode is to how etology, distribution, and preventive, treatment of the varicella desease. The purpose of this papers based on the methode above is to know what the vaicella desease is and how to prevent the transmission and treatment of the varicella deasease is.The treatment of chicken pox is largely symptomatic. Antihistamin ad topical agent are use to reduce itching. Anti-virus drug treatment reduce complication in adults and immunosuppresed children.

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