Strategi Pemimpin Populis Baru Indonesia Mencapai Kekuasaan

Sianipar, Imelda Masni Juniaty (2015) Strategi Pemimpin Populis Baru Indonesia Mencapai Kekuasaan. Sociae Polites, 16 (1). pp. 17-32. ISSN 1410 3745

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Indonesia has already had a populist leader, Ir. Soekarno. He is the first President of the Republic Indonesia. Sukarno is categorized as a populist leader because He is charismatic and close to the people. In 2014, Indonesia has witnessed the presence of populist leader in national political arena. The new populist leader is Joko Widodo or who is wellknown as Jokowi. This figure was chosen by the majority of the people of Indonesia as a president because it was believed that Jokowi has a populist style leadership. He is also close to the people. This paper will specifically explain Jokowi’s strategies as a new populist leader in order to gain power. This paper argues that in order to gain power and also to get the support from Indonesian people, Jokowi relies on his organizational experiences, skills, leadership and achievements. He also built a coalition with organized society especially with PDI-P participant and also unorganized society who is known as Relawan Jokowi. The last strategy of Jokowi is to promote demand policy oriented. Based on those strategies, this paper categorizes Jokowi as a rational populist leader.

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