Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Vocabulary Mastery and their Google Browsing Intensity: A Comparative Study

Angelianawati, Luh and Naibaho, Lamhot and Varni, Thu Hema (2021) Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Vocabulary Mastery and their Google Browsing Intensity: A Comparative Study. In: The 1st AEJ UKI SLA Research International Conference, April 23-25, 2021, Universitas Kristen Indonesia.

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Becoming pre-service EFL teachers, the undergraduate students of English Education Department, Universitas Kristen Indonesia are required to master English. Since the exposure to website browsing has been increasing in virtual mode circumstances amidst Covid-19 pandemic, this study explored whether there were statistically significant differences in the students' vocabulary mastery among five levels of Google browsing intensity. This study was a comparative study, which participants were 61 students. Data were collected from a vocabulary test developed by Nation and Beglar (2007) and a questionnaire adapted from Weganova and Lutviana (2018), and statistically analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. A one-way ANOVA was conducted to determine whether the pre-service EFL teachers' vocabulary mastery was different for groups with different Googlebrowsing- intensity levels. Participants were classified into five groups: very low (n=17), low (n=11), moderate (n=7), high (n=6), and very high levels of Google browsing intensity (n=20). The data analysis presented that there were no statistically significant differences in the vocabulary mastery score among the different google-browsing-intensity levels, F(4, 56) = 0.291, p = 0.883 [p>0.05]. Accordingly, it is recommended that the development of the students’ vocabulary mastery is accommodated in many other ways not only depending on Google-browsing habits and its intensity that provides the students chances to improve and adjust their language learning. Finally, its implications are directed to the teaching instructions, learning materials, as well as the assessments.

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