Kekantukan pada Siang Hari yang Disebabkan oleh Coriandri fructus (ketumbar)Dibandingkan dengan Lorazepam

Indrawati, Lili (2004) Kekantukan pada Siang Hari yang Disebabkan oleh Coriandri fructus (ketumbar)Dibandingkan dengan Lorazepam. Jurnal Kedokteran YARSI, 12 (2). pp. 43-48. ISSN 0853 1159

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The selection of sleeping pill is intended to increase someone’s quality of sleep. Benzodiazepine is the drug of choice in management of insomnia because it can shorten sleep onset latency, decrease frequency of awakening and duration of phase 0 at night, and increase total sleep time. Drugs that induce sleep, like benzodiazepine, antihistamine, antidepressant, and barbiturate can cause daytime sleepiness. Daytime sleepiness also correlate with quality and continuity of sleep at night. The goal of this experiment is to get a description of effect of Coriandri fructus to daytime sleepiness by comparing with Lorazepam and control. This experiment is a true experiment with crossover design. The subjects were 11 apparently healthy adult men selected employing purposive sampling method that fulfilled inclusion criteria. Each subject was made sleep three times, 7.5 hours in each occasion observed by overnight polysomnography. Lorazepam induced the first sleep, the second sleep was control (placebo), and Coriandri fructus induced the third sleep. Daytime sleepiness was measured by Multiple Sleep Onset Latency Test (MSLT). The result showed that Lorazepam tended to shorten sleep onset latency on MSLT measurement compared with control and Coriandri fructus.

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