Study on Subjective Complaints s of Malaria Related to Muscles and Joints

Siagian, Forman Erwin (2021) Study on Subjective Complaints s of Malaria Related to Muscles and Joints. In: Highlights on Medicine and Medical Science. Book Publisher International, UK, pp. 74-81. ISBN 978 93 91312 65 7

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Globally, malaria continues to be a major health problem and remains unsolved. Just like an iceberg phenomenon, WHO mentioned on their 2020 report that even though at the beginning of the third millennium there had been improvements, in the last three years (since 2017) there has actually been a plateau that seems to have slowed down efforts to eradicate global malaria. Poor access to medical service and proper treatment remains a problem in certain areas entangled in war and poverty. Other than that, persistent endemic areas with global and or regional travel of susceptible indidual to and from endemic areas increases the risk of morbidity and mortality. Malaria causes a spectrum of signs and symptoms with classic trias consist of fever, anemia and splenomegali. Other sign that sometimes being complained by the patients is muscle and joint pain, a condition related to inflammation induced by the parasite. If that pain persistent during the course of the disease, it might probably be the untimely personalized complaint of rhabdomyolisis, a potentially fatal and lethal clinical condition that catagorized as complication of malaria or severe malaria. Without proper antimalaria treatment, the patient's condition may worsen and can be fatal. Keywords: Blood protozoa; inflammation; fever; myalgia; arthralgia; endemic; imported malaria.

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