Design of material transfer automation in shearing machine

Sebayang, Melya Dyanasari and Kustyawan, Erlangga (2018) Design of material transfer automation in shearing machine. In: 2nd Nommensen International Conference on Technology and Engineering, Nommensen HKBP University, Medan Indonesia.

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Automation design of material transfer on the shearing machine is the process of designing a series of tools or machines with a single system to facilitate the process of transfer of the initial material to come separately one by one into the table of the shearing machine. Tools are designed to run automatically for the purpose of work efficiency. In the design process required various calculations at each stage of the system group. This is done to avoid the failure of a design whether it is major or minor. The design starts from the forklift comes laying the material along with the pallet on the conveyor waiting, then the material along with the pallet walks into the first stage conveyor. At this stage there is a hydraulic component that is designed to have its tip roller and tilt angle, so when the hydraulic working material will be separated by the pallet and slid down into the second stage conveyor. In the second stage conveyor, the material stack will be stopped by the stopper, the stack of materials will be separated one by one to the third stage of the conveyor connected to the set of tables. Separation is done by claws that are moved by a ball screw. Components of the claws and stopper can go up and down following the thickness of the sheet material. After the sheet is released from the third stage conveyor, there will be an arm with a pneumatic-driven tip clamp and ball screw to push it to the machine table and pull on the remaining cutting process. At the end cutting the arm will push the final sheet through the engine blade. The design of material transfer automation on the shearing machine is still in the early stages of research in the field of material transfer. Result before designing are, the diameter of shaft of the buffer for safety factor is 20 mm, Hydraulic tilt is formed by angle α = 5,85°, Designing four hydraulics with 2-inch piston diameter, it is necessary to prepare a power pack to support the hydraulic system of at least 36 bar.

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