Pendidikan Program Doktor Di Era Digital

Bisa, Maksimus (2020) Pendidikan Program Doktor Di Era Digital. In: Bunga Rampai Karya Ilmiah Dosen “Digitalisasi dan Internasionalisasi Menuju APT Unggul dan UKI Hebat” Dies Natalis ke 67 Universitas Kristen Indonesia. UKI Press, Jakarta, pp. 307-314.

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The world is now in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, which emphasizes the digital economy, artificial intelligence, big data, robotic phenomenon, or known as the phenomenon of distruptive innovation. Former Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir explained, based on an initial evaluation of the country's readiness to face the 4.0 industrial revolution, Indonesia is estimated to be a country with high potential. Although still below Singapore at the Southeast Asia level, Indonesia's position is quite calculated. Meanwhile, in relation to the global competitiveness index at the 2017-2018 World Economic Forum, Indonesia is in the 36th position, up five places from the previous year's 41st position of 137 countries. Nasir in a press conference stated, “When compared to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, we are still below. In 2019, Thailand's global competitiveness index was ranked 32nd, Malaysia 23, and Singapore 3. Several reasons why Indonesia still lost due to weak higher education and training, science and technology readiness, and innovation and business sophistication. This is what needs to be improved so that our competitiveness is not low. This article is a qualitative description with literature study on future Doctoral Education in the digital era 4.0 in welcoming the era of society 5.0. Learning patterns in doctoral university programs are required to change in producing quality and adaptive lecturers to changing times for future generations. Face-to-face lectures in class or online are theoretically two semesters, then write and conduct research related to the dissertation topic under the guidance of the promoter professor to be published in international journals. Keywords: digital transformation, higher education and training.

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