Metonimi dan Kolokasi dalam Penerjemahan

Galingging, Yusniaty (2015) Metonimi dan Kolokasi dalam Penerjemahan. Dialektika, 6. ISSN 2338-2635

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Metonym is apart of figure of speech. Colocation is concern with how words go together, i.e which word may occur in constructions with other words.(Larson, 1984: 141). The use of metonym in writing is a style chosen by the author to express special needs. Translation is a way to express the same meaning in different languages. To translate the metonym a special care is needed to arrive at the same meaning and tone as just the author’s want to express. The colocation helps the translator to understand the meaning of certain metonym.The data used in this studyare the bible verses of Isaiah (Yesaya) chapter 55. There are 20 metonyms found in this chapter. Almost all of them are translated into their figurative meaning, only one is translated into its literal meaning and one is translated into its descriptive meaning. The conclusion of this study is that the translator keeps the same tone as the source language and leaves the meaning to be understood by the reader as a metonym in the target language.

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