Keputihan: Penyebab dan Penanganannya

Siagian, Forman Erwin (2006) Keputihan: Penyebab dan Penanganannya. Majalah Kedokteran UKI, XXIV (67). pp. 13-2003. ISSN 0216-4752


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Vulvovaginitis is a gynecological clinical diagnosa based on several sign and symptom which accompany the presence of vaginal discharge. The causative agent could be infective or non-infective one. One method to established the diagnosa is to find the causative agent (in infective cases) by way of doing the wet smear examination made on vagibal discharge. The understanding of female genital track organization with its microflora environment, the causative agent of vulvovaginitis, its sign and symptom with their appropriate treatment and method to prevend the disease to happen will improve the effectivity and success rate of the therapy and ways to the avoid this diease.

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