Sindroma Foster Kennedy

Christine, Reinne Natali and Tanong, Nicholas Dwiki (2020) Sindroma Foster Kennedy.

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Introduction: Foster Kennedy syndrome is a rare condition that classically involves optic nerve atrophy ipsilateral to an intracranial neoplasm with concomitant contralateral papilledema. As few as 37 cases have been completely documented between 1909 and 1989 . It was a very rare case because not all of intracranial mass would be manifestated as Foster Kennedy Syndrome Objective: To report a case of Foster Kennedy Syndrome due to supratentorial mass Case: A forty year old woman presented at Eye Clinic UKI hospital Jakarta with a 3-month history of gradual, painless, unilateral deterioration of her vision. She had no other ocular symptoms and no previous ocular history. She also complained about persistent headache which worsened at the morning and took regular analgetic to reduced headache. Systematic head toe examination revealed within normal limit with weight loss about five kilograms in last two months and anosmia. Emotional lability was found. Patient have had a history of hormonal contraception since twelve years ago and no history of same illness in her family. On examination, visual acuity was 6/6 (logMar 0) in the right eye and finger counting (logMar 1.78) in the left eye. There was a relative afferent papillary defect (RAPD). Pupils were round and reactive to light. The anterior segments were normal. On dilated fundus examination, she was found to have a grossly swollen right optic disc and a pale left optic disc. Computed tomography (CT) of the head and orbits revealed a supratentorial mass at left frontotemporal region. Perimetry Kinetic examination revealed central scotoma and severe depression of the eye. The patient was referred to the neurosurgical team for further examination ,and debulking of the lesion was recommended. Conclusion: In case of Foster Kennedy syndrome due to intracranial mass ,early diagnosis and collaboration with neurosurgeon with subsequent surgical resection may prevent further visual deterioration and life saving Keyword : Foster Kennedy syndrome , supratentorial mass

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