Lexical Change of Southern Dialect of Li Niha

Dakhi, Saniago (2011) Lexical Change of Southern Dialect of Li Niha. Jurnal Linguistik Terapan, 8 (2). pp. 85-106. ISSN 0216 5139


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This qualitative research addresses the lexical changes, which is aimed at (1)investigating the lexical change types, (2) describing the lexical change patterns,and (3) explaining the lexical change reasons of Southern dialect of Li Niha. The empirical materials were thoroughly and well-gathered from the document and interview. The highly critical and systematic analysis with 'Miles and Huberman Model' reveals that Southern dialect of Li Niha changes. This research has drawn the following conclusions. Firstly, the lexical changes of Southern dialect of Li Niha comprised lexical loss, semantic change, and lexical creation. Secondly, the patterns of lexical change of Li Niha has been manifested on three types: (1)lexical loss: (a) potential and (b) total lexical loss; (2) semantic change: (a) Noun to Noun, (b) Noun to Adjective, (c) Noun to Verb, (d) Adjective to Adjective, (e)Adverb to Verb, (t) Verb to Noun, (g) Verb to Verb, and (h) Verb to Adjective;(3) lexical creation: (a) internal lexical creation and (b) external lexical creation. Thirdly, the reasons of lexical changes of Southern dialect of Li Niha were: (I)lexical loss: cultural, linguistic and prestige factors; (2) semantic change: analogy,metaphor, mutual concept, implication, and euphemism factors; (3) lexical creation: naturalization, technological development, foreign influence, mutual linguistic feature, translation and adoption of the conceptual feature. In educational setting, the various changes of Southern dialect lexicon of Li Niha implicitly implicate that language standardization, i.e. selection, codification,elaboration and acceptance, is not totally employed, consequently it bears an enormously complicated problem impeding the success of teaching and learning Li Niha to the next generation .

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