The Use of Rude Words by Indonesian Teenagers:A Sociolinguistic Case

Tambunsaribu, Gunawan (2019) The Use of Rude Words by Indonesian Teenagers:A Sociolinguistic Case. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Language, Literature and Education (ICILLE 2018). Atlantis Press, pp. 126-129. ISBN 978 94 6252 710 2

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the use of vocabulary items in speaking to other people in daily intercourse reflects the culture of the speakers of that language. The usage of rude-words in a communication with other people is a bad communication. The three main topics to be focused in this study are the lists of rude words, the factors and the source of the rude words using by Indonesian’s teenagers in their daily speaking. The data were collected from the records of teenagers’ speaking while they were speaking to their friends in their community. Their dialogues among them were recorded by the speakers purposively. The researcher used qualitative method because the collected data will be analyzed and reported descriptively. The data are encrypted from the audio-recorders, questionnaires, and also taken from the interview session. The researcher found out that there are 65 rude words/phrases that mostly are used by Indonesian teenagers in their daily speaking. There are three (3) factors which affect the use of such rude-words which are spoken by Indonesian teenagers, they are environmental, Habitual, and Friendship Factor. There are nine sources of rude words used by Indonesian teenagers, they are 1) Disorderly Mixed- Syllable Vocabularies, 2) Genital/Sex Organ’s Vocabularies, 3) Human Body’s Feces/excrement Vocabularies, 4) Dirty/Filthy Animal’s Name Vocabularies, 5) Human’s Mental/Psychoneurotic Illness Vocabularies, 6) Human’s bad behavior/behavioral defects Vocabularies, 7) Loan Words from Foreign Languages, 8) Human’s Ugly Appearances/Disabled Person Vocabularies, and 9) Indonesian’s Tribal Words.

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