The Sustainability of Semarang Kauman Village

Sudarwani, Margareta Maria (2024) The Sustainability of Semarang Kauman Village. Local Wisdom Scientific Online, 16 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2086-3764

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Due to its strategic and unique position, Semarang has developed as a large coastal city with an important port. This strategic and unique position is shown by the hills at the top of the city, such as Gajah Mungkur, Candi, Mrican, Mugas, Mount Sawo, Simongan, and others, and lowlands at the bottom of the city. One of the important historical ethnic villages to be appointed is Kampung Kauman, Semarang, which has a distinctive history related to the Great Mosque of Semarang. It is an ancient village inhabited by local residents, which began to be awakened during the reign of Ki Ageng Padang Aran. The Great Mosque of Semarang, although it is quite an old mosque, is the first mosque in the city of Semarang, which Ki Ageng Padang Aran founded. The Great Mosque of Semarang is located in the old Semarang Alun-alun complex, which generally has the same pattern as the Javanese city of Alun-aluns. There are many opinions regarding the term "kauman". There is an opinion that "Kauman" comes from the word Nggone Wong Qoum (place of the clans), Pakauman (place of residence of the clans), sing aman (safe group/people), or there is also the opinion of Qo'um Muddin (Islamic religious leader). Based on the above opinions, "kauman" means the scholars' residence. This study examines the sustainability of Kauman Village's residential spaces, both physical and non-physical characteristics. It aims to optimize the potential of existing villages for urban development planning. This Research uses a descriptive method based on empirical facts. The Kauman Village Residential Spatial Sustainability Research results, including development strategies and future city government decisions, are then used as needed. Keywords : Conservation; Development; Kauman Village; Sustainability

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