Emergency Microscope Light Modification by External Source in Absence of Power Supply

Siagian, Forman Erwin (2024) Emergency Microscope Light Modification by External Source in Absence of Power Supply. International Journal of Pathogen Research, 13 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2582-3876

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Introduction: Microscope is an instrument for visualizing fine detail of an object so that observer can observe the object being examined in detail. The object of examination vary from cells (normal or pathologic), microorganism (such as parasite and bacterium), and even non biological part. There are several types of microscope, one of the oldest forms and still used today is the light microscope. A light microscope relied on continuous light source to operate. The most common source for today's microscopes is an incandescent tungsten-halogen bulb, which is solely electric dependent, positioned in a reflective housing that projects light through the collector lens and into the sub-stage condenser. Current situations sometimes require readiness for conducting microscopic examination anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, problem occur if the electricity goes out, most people will not be able to continue their microscopic observations. This problem raises the question of what if in an emergency it is necessary to carry out a microscopic examination but unfortunately there is no power source. Below we propose emergency modification efforts so that the microscope can still be used even in conditions without a power source. Aims: to modify an electric light microscope in such a way that it can continue to be used in the absence of an electrical power source using external source of light. Discussion: Adding an external source of light is a brilliant approach in order to make the electric dependent light microscope still useable in emergency condition. Conclusion: it is possible to modify an electric light microscope in the condition of no electric source available and make it operable. Keywords: Emergency lamp; positioning; lenses; objective; ocular; magnification; light emitting diode.

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