Handling of Land Mafia Practice Cases What Happened All This Time

Tehupeiory, Aartje (2023) Handling of Land Mafia Practice Cases What Happened All This Time. RUSSIAN LAW JOURNAL, 11 (4). pp. 458-467. ISSN 2312-3605

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A land mafia is individuals, groups and/or legal entities that take actions intended to commit crimes that can cause and cause delays in the implementation of the handling of land cases; so that the criteria for the land mafia are land and space disputes, conflicts and cases which are the objects of activity in the context of preventing and eradicating the land mafia. In these land cases, there are indications of involvement of the land mafia, especially large-dimensional land cases, through the land mafia mode of evil agreements, giving rise to disputes, conflicts and land matters. Therefore, what model should be optimized in handling cases of land mafia practices that have occurred so far in the future Specific Research Purposes this is explaining and critically analyzing the way the state has handled cases of land mafia practices so far; Research methods by using statute approach, The approach with this type of qualitative study, verification/evaluative with research locations is in representing the West Indonesia region (Jakarta, West Java, Central Java), Central Indonesia region (Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua). These locations are very strategic areas for carrying out the modes of land mafia practice, which harm the people who have good faith in land tenure, data collection techniques through documentation, audiovisual materials, and supported by interviews. The data collection technique in this study was through interviews, sheets, a checklist, and other methods following the research approach. From The handling of cases of land mafia practices that have occurred so far has never reflected the principles of prudence and respect for land rights holders. In practice, the handling of land mafia cases is often carried out arbitrarily to the detriment of the actual holders of land rights, so in practice, it is not carried out properly, it is unfair, and there is no balance between the sacrifices demanded of the people, which should be carried out through a fair process. There is no balance between individual interests. The common interest is the same as this balance providing justice to the community by not reflecting fairness or balance and not protecting people's fundamental rights to the land they own. In preventing and eradicating Land Mafia practices, namely forming a land mafia eradication commission, at least creating an anti-land mafia commission, even if necessary, forming a separate judicial institution in terms of resolving land disputes and land conflicts and strengthening its existence involving academics who understand the problems and principles of tenure. Land use (national land) with impartiality, transparency, accountability and the principle of respect for those who have good faith in the land with the spirit of creating justice in the land sector for people who seek justice. Keywords: Handling, Cases, Land Mafia Practices

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